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Trips to Nigeria – From Lagos to Abuja

Trips to Nigeria allow you to explore a diverse cultural and geographic landscape, from bustling Lagos to Abuja.

Nigeria is the largest African country in terms of population. It is home to about 200 million people and the continent’s highest GDP. The country, known as the African giant, has more than 500 ethnic groups, but one of the most interesting parts of Nigeria is its rich history, traditions, and languages. To get the best of this great entity, I will start, as most visitors do, from Lagos or Abuja, where both are easily accessible.


  • Lagos – the hub of Nigeria

Lagos is the largest urban area in Africa and the commercial nerve center of Nigeria, and it is home to more than 20 million people. The country’s economy is centered around this port city on the southwestern tip of the country but has developed its distinctive cultural significance. Lagos has a vibrant musical culture and a thriving football culture. If you are seeking to watch the sunrise you can choose between Beach Bar, Lekki or Badagry.

It is also a great travel destination for anyone who is passionate about history and anthropology, as one of the areas known as the cradle of human civilization. There is evidence of human existence as long ago as 9000 BC, and trips to Nigeria can take you on a journey to the early days of mankind.


  • Abuja – the centrifugal point

Abuja has been the capital of the country since 1991 since it was moved from Lagos State, where it was built specifically to oversee the government. Abuja houses the presidential compound, the Supreme Court, the huge monolith stone known as the Zuma Stone. The Nigerian National Mosque and the Nigerian Christian National Center. Other interesting destinations include the Millennium Park, the Cajaro Castle, the Jankari Fishing Reserve, the Cross-National Park, and the magnificent Uhum Falls in Enugu.


compiled by Cosmas Nwokafor


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