Tourism in Nigeria – Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions Sites in Nigeria

Tourism in Nigeria or within Nigeria often represents a great pleasure to many travelers due to the many attractions that make it an exciting and fascinating experience, it is especially so because of the natural landscapes of beaches, rivers, waterfalls, and forests. Also interesting is the amiable climatic conditions that represents one of the best in the world.

It is pertinent to get a smattering knowledge of the climatic conditions before you travel into or within the country.

For foreigners, you need to know the climate and best times of visit.


The Climatic & Best Time To Travel (Foreign visitors)

The climate in Nigeria is tropical. The general weather is high, but temperatures in the highlands and plateaus decrease naturally. We recommend that you visit Nigeria from December to March because temperatures are low and sometimes reaches 15 degrees Celsius.

However, whether you’re a visitor traveling into Nigeria or traveling within as either a foreigner or resident, take your time as I take you through the most important and beautiful tourist scenes within the country.


• Janki Reserve – Taste of tropical nature

It is located near the Gaji River, which was opened in 1962. It has a wide area of ​​2000 km. It includes savannah trees, various herbs and a number of African animals such as elephants, buffaloes, hippos, and monkeys, as well as many species of birds such as herons, hawks, Storks and eagles.

One of the most beautiful views of the park is the hot spring springs where you can enjoy the warm water and we recommend you visit them in May or November, where the animals gather around the river and there are places reserved for swimming.


• The Plateau of Mabila

It is located in the state of Taraba, Nigeria, at the height of up to 1800 meters above sea level, and filled with green areas and hills in addition to the moderate atmosphere.

You also see that there are farms for tea and livestock as well as many animals, such as elephants and birds, which are rare to find. If you are a lover of camping, we advise you to spend the most of your beautiful camping trips at the Plateau of Mabila.


• Jacha Kajumti area

Located near the Mabila plateau in the state of Taraba, Nigeria. It is characterized by the existence of Mount Chabal, the highest mountain in Nigeria. It also has large areas of savannah grass, various trees, and mountain pastures, as well as the Taraba River, where a group of animals gathers around the water.


• Cross River Park



One of the most important parks in Nigeria with an area of ​​3000 square kilometers and the state of Cross is also a rainforest for rain throughout the year. Local and foreign tourists go to it as one of the most conservation of wildlife. It boasts of more than a thousand species of plants, including rare Fiona and flora.

When you visit there you will see African varieties of wildlife and flora – African buffaloes, monkeys, tigers, and chimpanzees. There are different types of birds, including endangered species such as the Red Head. You will certainly enjoy your visit and experience a wonderful atmosphere of adventure and exploration.

The Agbokim waterfall is also a favorite destination to visit in Cross River.

Agbokim waterfall


• Kianji area

Located in the northern part of Nigeria. It was established in 1979. It is considered one of the tourist destinations for tourists to catch fish and watch wild animals such as deer, crocodiles and savannah grass. It includes the Borgo and Zagor Reserves.

When you go to it you have to rent a boat to take a tour of the lake. So, I will advise you to go there any time from December to June.


• The shores of Nigeria

the shores of nigeria
the shores of Nigeria

Nigeria has many beautiful beaches such as the Bar Beach in Lagos State, also known as the famous Victoria Street, and is frequented by locals and tourists. The Targua beach is recommended for guests to swim. It offers visitors’ convenience, fruit shops, and local delicacies.

The beach is very popular and there are places to relax and take a rest, built of palm fronds, as well as shops offering delicious meals and a beach. It is suitable for lovers of privacy and tranquility.



• Old Oyo Park

old oyo park
old Oyo park

Located in the state of Oyo, with an area of ​​2500 square meters. It was built in 1991 and characterized by its temperate atmosphere.

We advise you to visit there from between March to May and from October to December to experience the rural life in Nigeria, where you will spend the most beautiful time between greenery in open savannah forests, waterfalls, and valleys.

old oyo park
old Oyo park

It has the remnants of the Oyo kingdom and you will certainly enjoy watching the animals and birds that gather around the Ogun River passing through it.


• Guarara Falls

Guarara Falls
Guarara Falls

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Nigeria. It is located in the capital city, Abuja with a large number of tourists always craving for experience.

You will enjoy the exciting waterfalls with its spectacular view where the water descends from the rocks, creating a sound that refreshes the breath and ends these waterfalls by a lake where there are types of fish. You can practice the hobby of fishing and swimming.

Guarara Falls
Guarara Falls

This area is part of the tourist attractions that the country is interested in and its development to attract more tourists.


•  High Northern Plains

It is one of the most beautiful places of interest to tourists and it is characterized by its large area including about one-fifth of the country and its height up to 800 meters above sea level. Memorial is strategically beside them.


•  The Jos Plateau

The Jos Plateau
The Jos Plateau

It is located in the center of Nigeria and is characterized by its height from the plains around which Faisal height to a kilometer and a half meters above sea level, and there are many pets, such as cows and buffalo raised where they feed on herbs.


• The City of Kano

It is one of the most important tourist places in Nigeria and is surrounded by a wall of all directions. The wall was built during the reign of Prince Ghajima in 1134.

The wall has several doors characterized by its unique style. This city has many monuments of various ages and civilizations such as the Islamic conquest and British colonization.

Textiles is one significant abundance you find in Kano, and we advise you to go to them to get to know them and take pictures of the souvenirs in the streets.


• Chad Basin Park

One of the nicest places in Nigeria is located next to Lake Chad. There is also a playground and a resort in Dagona, where large groups of waterbirds migrate from one continent to another. The lake has a bull arch and a group of animals, especially the giraffe.


•  The Best Foods and Restaurants

Nigeria is characterized by its delicious dishes and its main dishes are based on starches of corn, rice, grains, and potatoes. They also depend on beef and chicken. They also offer seafood dishes from fish and oysters.

Nigeria is a coastal country. The locals are also interested in vegetables and some of the most famous Nigerian dishes are fried rice, rice, chicken and meatballs.

There are several restaurants serving local and international cuisine. We offer you the best of them, such as the Izanagi Restaurant in Lagos State, Japanese dishes, the Veranda Restaurant serving Italian pizza, and the Abu Naga Restaurant in Abuja, which serves delicious African dishes.


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