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Colorful and Amazing Places in Nigeria

Nigeria, that West African State, the southern part of the beach of the Gulf Coast. The country lies in the Equatorial climatic zone but is influenced by the monsoon, which provides quite a comfortable temperature, usually not exceeding 33 Celsius.


  • Zoological Endowment

The topology is a mostly flat expanse, filled with savanna in the North and tropical forests in the South of the country. This gives quite an interesting spread of fauna – elephants, antelopes, rhinos. It is quite often possible to meet rivers rhinos, while in the forests of the notorious wild, are monkeys.


All these are a separate part of Nigeria’s abundance, which is deliberately organized in many areas of the country. These organizations are subsequently protected by the authorities, especially as the places of major visit to visitors.


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  • Centre of Unity?

Abuja is the administrative headquarters of Nigeria’s government. However, as it is sometimes obtainable, Abuja only represents a nominal capital territory.


This is because Lagos – the former capital city of Nigeria’s government until the year 1998, still holds taut to the administrative functions that, like an old warhorse, can only get proper management from its cradle.


Again, Lagos still remains the true cultural and economic hub due to the concentration of colorful local markets, wildlife, the casinos, and fashionable restaurants and resplendent hotels, motels, exclusive lounges, and resorts.


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  • Lagos – The Centre of Excellence

This city wonderfully can combine ultra-modern sparkling huge glasses supermarkets and ancient ethnic tradition.

For example, Sunday hikes in the Church is mandatory for almost all inhabitants of the metropolis, and they have virtually nationwide celebrations.


And the markets, according to the tourists who visited the country, you literally can buy anything your heart desires: from bronze and silver jewelry to ritual masks, carved from wood. Arriving from any part of the world, you suddenly feel like you are in Europe.

This town is surprisingly similar to the European – the same bright, wide streets, alleys, and tall buildings.


Atlantic coast at the South of the city abounds with beautifully and nicely equipped beaches. Relax, enjoy the sun, but be careful.

For the locals, life is far from archaism as simple as they seem, and you can become a victim of fraud. So always try to have small bills readily available in your pocket as “local money” to play fast and painless, so to speak, if you eventually get accosted by abject locals on rampage mission. Added to that, don’t forget to avoid conflicts with the local population.



compiled by Cosmas Nwokafor

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