HOTEL DESCRIPTION:  We offered service such as ACCOMMODATION HIGHCON HOTELS AND SUITES ADDRESS: No 290 Latinwo Road, beside Civil defense office,
Hotel name: Golden Six Hotel and Restaurant   Hotel description : Welcome to Golden Six Hotel and Restaurant, Combining International Stand
NAME: VENUS APARTMENTS ADDRESS : GRA PORT HARCOURT Booking phone : 0811 375 2026 Booking email: Pictures of Venus a
Hotel description: Sublime Hotels is a cozy hotel around Ikota in Lagos State Nigeria. It boasts of unique facilities like FREE wifi, air-condit
This is a luxury hotel, that attends to all your comfortability, it is exclusively designed to disconnect you to the stress of the day to day hustles,
You and the love of your life, are looking for a place that will magnify the love you both have for each other ... Well you may have heard of some rom
Uyo which is the capital city of Akwa Ibom State is known for its remarkable hospitality homes. and we decided to compile a list of top 5 hotels in Uy
Nigeria, that West African State, the southern part of the beach of the Gulf Coast. The country lies in the Equatorial climatic zone but is influenced
Traveling to the southwestern part of Nigeria is quite an experience one could ever venture into. Aside from Lagos, Abeokuta has more fascinating and
By the time of the conquest of the Lagos, the city population consisted of thirty-five thousand human population. Although at first, it grew slowly, g
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