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Best Romantic Destinations you can Travel to with your Lover

You and the love of your life, are looking for a place that will magnify the love you both have for each other … Well you may have heard of some romantic destinations from different persons, but the question is ; are these places the best romantic destinations for you and your partner? Can they really aid the expression of your love for your him/her?

Well we have compiled a list of best romantic destinations for you and your partner and you don’t have to worry as you won’t have issues looking for cheap flights using Travel Start.


So let’s jump right in!!


List of The Best Romantic Destinations


1. Perivolas, Santorini Greece:

One of the most amazing things about this location is the type of hotels they have, and the surroundings around these hotels.


It has giddying views that are transparent desirable places and this you can see from a 300-meter cliff.

The rooms are made from distorted concrete filled with pink and purple colors. Oh!! What such a combination of romance and elegance, this alone can set you and the love of your life on the stage of love.

Looking out of the window gives you this beautiful view of trees and nice waters( if your hotel is close to the sea bed) then you can give out this romantic quote to your partner:

“My Love for you is more than the waters of the Ocean”.

Truely, the Greece Environment at Perivolas, Santorini really matters a lot, when it comes to aiding the expression of affection for your partner.


2. For Gilded Elegance: The Chanler at Cliff Walk, New Port Rhode Island:

This is another hotel but it’s decoration is a little bit different from that of Perivolas, although they both trigger the love or romance that you have for your partner.

Each room is decorated in different styles of historical periods, although all rooms have the same concept behind them. They get extravagant as you move from room to room, but the one that I know you’d love is the one the depicts Martha’s Vineyard Villa, it has an ocean view beauty and it’s surrounded by fire places already mounted to warm up the place, there are also two prim blue chairs ( for blue love huh?) and a bed, not just any type of bed, but a FOUR POSTER KING’S BED made with carved wooden frames, this is one of the MOST ROMANTIC HOTEL IN AMERICA.


But, why? Like why would this be voted as the most romantic?

Well, think about it, you and your partner in a WARM room kindled by those fire places surrounding the room, the stage is set, and there’s a bed to lay your head in deep comfort, not just a bed, but a King’s bed We know how comfortable that would be right?

Not just the comfort but having someone you love beside you in such comfort is amazing, it allows you to show that love you have for that better half of yours that you so treasure.


3. Bruges, Belgium:

We have been talking about romantic hotel destinations but this one is kind of different..this one talks about a romantic town….. The town of Bruges!

It is said to be a Fairy- tail medieval town, and it has lovely small squares and also some Picturesque Canals and some streets that has its ground made with small round stones, placed close to each other, imagine dancing with your partner on such grounds, sweet right?

And then the red lights on the streets shown on her red gown and red lips reflects her skin color back to you inflating your love for her without any hopes of it ever dropping ever again.

It’s said to be the Venice of the north, and it is somewhere you would love to stay with your partner during summer as the weather there is superb!

You can book THE PAND HOTEL when you get there it’s room setting too is also a romantic stage for you and your partner.

So what do you say, about these amazing romantic locations? It’s worth a try huh?

So the next time you’re looking for the best romantic destinations for you and your partner… which of the ones listed above are you going to consider first?

Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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